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I folded the fabric one time, I measured my waist and I divided with 6.28 and I found the radius of the circle (that one in the waist) and I added in that radius the length I wanted the skirt to be.

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It was a rather impulsive decision, and the execution was muddled with detours.

Using a straight stitch close the back of the skirt up to your stopping point.

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A skater skirt is a flared short skirt which is worn high waist.

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With the zipper unzipped, place the zipper facedown on the seam allowance.

This means leaving open a slit about the length of your zipper.Since this is a half circle skirt and not a full circle skirt, you need to double your waist measurements so that the half-circle radius is your actual waist measurements.

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Today 50s skirts are often called full circle skirt, swing skirts, pencil skirts, wiggle skirts, tea length skirt, or midi skirts.This is a really easy way to make a skirt with an elastic waistband, and you can decorate it in any number of.

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Here is a HOW-TO for this cute skirt with half-circle pockets:.

The first step is making the solid part of your skirt, which can be done a couple different ways.For each type of circle skirt, be it full circle, half circle or quarter circle, the mathematical equation we need in order to find out the radius will be slightly different.

Consider your waistline to that to the circumference of a circle.

Fold the bottom edge of the skirt up a few centimetres, and keeping the fabric very taut, sew slowly along.After I posted it, a reader asked for a tutorial on putting a zipper in a circle skirt.

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If I can get some good pics, the second tutorial will go up next week.Checkout the post on 16 Ultimate circle skirt patterns from around the world.

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